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Whether you’re newly formed or well-established, good strategy can help focus your resources to achieve maximum impact for minimum spend. At Matter PR, we believe success comes from combining a creative approach with sound, strategic planning.

We can help you develop a communications strategy for your organisation that is focused on achieving your corporate goals. Our understanding of science, engineering, and technology is what makes us different. We understand our clients better than other agencies and can help you build a communications operation tailored to your needs.

We can advise you on how best to overcome challenges, manage long-term change, and develop an integrated approach to communications.

  • Strategy Development – messages & narrative
  • Advice & Support 
  • Corporate Communications
  • Crisis Communications

PR & Media

The media is a powerful tool and it can do much more than just raise your profile. Focused media campaigns can help you achieve your corporate objectives, change people’s perceptions and provoke genuine change.

Whether it’s a one off launch event or a sustained media campaign, we can help you secure a high level of coverage in the national, specialist, and regional media. Matter PR is also experienced in developing creative ways of working with the media such as thought leadership campaigns and media partnerships.

We can act as a complete press office for you or support your in-house team in delivering:

  • Media Strategies & Campaigns
  • International Media Relations
  • Press Releases
  • Launch Events
  • Thought Leadership
  • Raising the Profile of Senior Executives
  • Media Training and Coaching
  • Podcasts & Audio Slideshows
  • Video News Releases


Effective stakeholder management isn’t just about identifying who they are. It’s about understanding what they think, how they interact with you, and being focused on what you want to achieve. You might want to raise awareness of what you do, change perceptions, or generate advocacy for a policy initiative. How well you understand your stakeholders often determines how successful you will be.

At Matter PR, we believe that stakeholder research should be at the heart of all communications activities. We can help you map your stakeholder landscape, understand what they think, and work with you to build lasting relationships.

We can help you start conversations… and keep them going.

  • Stakeholder Mapping 
  • Stakeholder Research
  • Perception Analysis
  • Monitoring Stakeholder Opinion 
  • Relationship Management
  • Building Advocacy Networks and Campaigns


We can help you devise innovative projects that inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers, or activities aimed at engaging the public in a specific issue or debate.

Attracting interest in a subject or organisation is only the start. How do you keep people energised, inspired, and intrigued? How can you develop a meaningful conversation? How do you provoke changes in behaviour and belief?

We are full of ideas – from developing a “graphene lab” or “blood bar” for a science festival to organising a performance about bionic ears for schoolchildren or an art exhibition that explores the boundaries between science and society. We can create a concept for a new initiative or help you develop and deliver an existing project.

  • Concept & Campaign Development
  • Project Management
  • Science Festivals & Events
  • Mentoring & Training
  • Promoting Outreach Activities