Matter PR delivers campaign for Quantum Flagship

17 April 2023
Our new client, the Quantum Flagship appointed us to promote a new European Commission report showing the initial results of its €1 billion, ten-year research and innovation program.

Matter PR’s media campaign raised awareness of the new report on the state of quantum technologies in Europe. We successfully secured media coverage and generated interest in the new study, which showed the continent – with over €1 billion in investment and a wealth of research institutes – as a thriving ecosystem for the nascent technology space.

The campaign featured in top science and technology titles such as Physics World, Electronics Foru, Silicon Republic, New Tech Europe, Tech.EU, The Quantum Insider, New Electronics and Bits & Chips. The story also appeared in the prestigious weekly French business and technology magazine Usine Nouvelle which has a unique monthly readership of over 2 million people. The publications all ran stories on the topic, highlighting the exciting possibilities of quantum technologies.

In total, we secured 25 pieces of quality coverage and 49 social media engagements citing our news which have gained 246 likes and over 8 thousand views. Overall, the campaign reached a total possible audience of just under 4 million unique monthly readers, with an estimated readership of over 1 million.

Matter PR created a press release in close collaboration with CEA and members of the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CNECT). We were able to target media outlets to publish the news about launching the report.

The campaign, “Quantum Technologies Thriving in Europe”, showed the current state of activity across the continent, with increased development and substantial investment throughout the four years of the ramp-up phase. Matter PR contacted a wide variety of media, including tier-1 publications in several European countries and a suite of technology, policy and innovation publications.

Account Director and Head of Content and Media at Matter PR, Sam Young, said: “Matter PR is a specialist agency for promoting deep tech, which brings science and engineering together to help make the seemingly impossible become possible. We can pave the way for a brighter, more advanced future with continued efforts to engage the public and promote understanding of robotics, electronics, optics & photonics, and quantum technologies.

“We are thrilled with the response to our campaign. The media coverage has been instrumental in raising public awareness of quantum technologies and generating interest in the field. It has also helped to promote the potential of quantum technologies to revolutionise computing, communication, and sensing, and the work of the Flagship with its mission to advance quantum technologies and their applications.”

“The work of the Quantum Flagship, in tandem with the European Commission funding, is fuelling massive innovation in this technology space. We look forward to seeing the fruits of this incredible investment play out over the next ten years.”

The Quantum flagship launched in 2018 and is set to receive over €1 billion through the EU framework programmes Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe. It was set up to allow collaborative, long-term and innovative research to consolidate Europe’s scientific leadership and research excellence in quantum technologies.

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