Campaign highlights key milestone for Science Cloud

14 May 2021
Our campaign for Europe’s Open Science Cloud celebrated the launch of new €30 million digital infrastructures that will make it easier for researchers to pursue fully-open science.

Our campaign led to a dedicated policy and innovation feature in Europe’s leading research and innovation community outlet, Science Business, as well as coverage in Research Professional News (formerly Research Fortnight) Euractiv, Labbulletin and Tech EU. The campaign generated an audience of 800,000 million unique monthly readers and helped EOSC-hub target the scientific research and innovation community.

EOSC-hub delivered nine key results to provide scientists with a single-entry point to dozens of different high-quality digital solutions, compute and data management and thematic services to create a portfolio of products through an integrated service catalogue and a comprehensive set of rules of participation to maintain safety and trust among users and the researchers making their data discoverable and accessible.

Head of Content and Media at Matter PR, Sam Young said:

“This campaign has helped to give a greater visibility for Europe’s Open Science Cloud, EOSC-hub and the European Open Science community in general. In a short time of three years, this €30 million project has made enormous strides into establishing an accessible platform to open-source technologies. The hub has set rules of participation, established a core collection of providers from several EU research infrastructures, and integrated their services, and will give the science community better access to high-quality services.

“The new services in the project have already supported more than 20,000 researchers carrying out millions of operations and computational jobs monthly, as well as integrating the data and applications of 14 new research infrastructures while training 5,200 people.”

Europe’s Open Science Cloud formally launched in 2018, and since then Horizon 2020 has funded around 50 projects, investing €320 million by last year. The Cloud is a large infrastructure to support and develop open science and innovation across the world starting their journey from Europe.


EOSC-hub is a 3-year project to establish the marketplace and working environment for research data and software exploitation has not only established the compute and storage e-infrastructures, software and data services, but also delivered services for federated authentication and authorization, accounting, monitoring and support, and the system of processes and policies necessary for the management of the EOSC Core – taking us a step closer to a fully-fledged EOSC.

Project coordinator at EOSC-hub, Tiziana Ferrari said:

“Researchers now not only have secure space and a system to work in but also broader access to services supporting their scientific discovery and collaboration across disciplinary and geographical boundaries. They can be safe with our rules of participation when making their research discoverable and accessible. These rules have undergone extensive tests on prospective service providers and ensure that we maintain the trust for and from all potential users.”

The nine key exploitable results of EOSC-hub are Portal and marketplace to act as a gateway to the resources for researchers; Service Management System for service providers to handle their hub’s services; Rules of Participation for accessibility to the EOSC Portal; Internal services for enabling services to operate EOSC; External Services to enable collaboration and speed up the research process; Business and Sustainability models to keep the EOSC-hub running for the future; Digital Innovation Hub makes the hub accessible for companies to access the services and technologies; Guidelines define the architecture of EOSC’s functions; and the Advanced Training Courses provides modules for scientific communities to form a ‘knowledge network’ to help researchers integrate advanced digital services.

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