Finalist for Volvo PR

Posted on Jun 8, 2017

Finalist for Volvo PR


Matter PR came 3rd out of over 125 agencies in a recent international procurement process to find a retained PR agency for Volvo Trucks, an unusual achievement for a small, specialist company up against larger, more established brands. The pitch team was commended for its creativity as well as its extensive knowledge of science, engineering, and technology PR.


“This is a fantastic achievement for a small agency like Matter PR and the team did an incredible job to get so far. Volvo were really impressed with the depth of knowledge we have of the science and technology sector, as well as our ability to create impactful storytelling campaigns.”
David Reid, Managing Director.

Matter PR’s pitch centred on innovative storytelling. One campaign idea highlighted the people behind the trucks, rather than the technology itself — the engineers, scientists, designers, test drivers, and others. To make the stories about them: their passions, hopes, fears, motivations, families.

Volvo Trucks have developed a reputation for incredible PR stunts and powerful video stories in recent years. Their CEO recently stood in front of a driverless truck in a pitch-black mine while it came to a stop just inches from him. And their Epic Split feat featured Jean Claude Van Damme.



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