Top Ten Most Influential Tech News Platforms

Posted on Feb 23, 2017

In 1899, Charles Duell, Commissioner of US patent office, is alleged to have said, “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” Yet over a century later, we are in awe on a daily basis by the technological wonders that pop up to improve our lives. With so much technology to keep track of, and so many technology websites, here’s a guide to some of the most influential technology news platforms from around the world.

Here’s Matter PR’s Top Ten in reverse order…

10The Verge 49.3 m

The Verge website remains a popular choice for technophiles and gamers alike and is renowned for its reviews of new products. Even if you are not a tech fan, you will not fail to love The Verge’s unique ‘Circuit Breaker’ blog.


9Digital Trends 50.9 m

With news for gamers, smart phones, photographers, computers, and other cool technological innovations, Digital Trends covers everything for Android and Apple users alike. Unlike many of its competitors, DT actively engages with its readers by directly marketing the technology it talks about. On its ‘Deals’ page, users can pick up some very expensive products with large reductions, whereas the ‘Giveaways’ section, viewers have the chance to win some of the latest new tech on the market. This always ensures a loyal readership.

8Mashable 53.4 m

By its own admission, Mashable is the ‘go-to source for tech digital culture and entertainment content’. With over 53 million monthly visitors, Mashable has remained in the top ten most popular tech websites on many reviewers’ lists for a long time.

With vital information on the latest social media, tech, business, entertainment, Mashable manages to pull off what lesser websites wish they could do, or simply fail to do: they know what’s cool and how to present content it in a slick, professional manner. Their video section contains well-presented, well-researched and amusing items.

74PDA 53.8 m (Russia)
clients43With an impressive 53.8 million monthly visitors, the Russian computing website 4PDA provides information on an array of topics, from communicators, computers, smart phones, e-book readers, tablets, navigational equipment and any other mobile devices.

6Engadget 55.7 

A stalwart of technological news and gadget reviews, Engadget remains in the upper rankings of many reviewers’ ‘top 10s’. With over 55.7 million monthly visitors and with topics as diverse as AV, Space, Computing, Wearables, Transportation, Internet, Entertainment, Gaming and Culture, and with a selection of well-written, unique and informative blogs, we can see why.

5 –  Life Hacker 69.1 m

Some of the most popular videos on Youtube are the ‘how to…’ uploads, so it is no wonder that Lifehacker, with its general life tips and tricks and copious amounts of easily palatable ‘5 things to…’ help propel the monthly visitors over the 69 million mark.  When Lifehacker also adds in its unique features on money and its ‘Dealhacker’ sections, this website looks to stay in the top five for a long time.

4Comment Ca Marche 69.6 m (France)

The French website ‘Comment Ca Marche’ (or ‘how it works’) began as a simple computer magazine at the turn of the millennium. Since then it has (according to La Tribune) rocketed into the top five websites in France, giving way only to behemoths like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and France Telecom.

A whopping 69.6 million viewers per month log on to the CCM website to access its many downloadable features, from apps and programs on a plethora of platforms, such as Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, BlackBerry and Windows.

3Gizmodo 80.9 m

For people who are obsessed with gadgets, Gizmodo offers a technological haven. Tailoring the news to users in a specific country (, or for example), Gizmodo does an excellent job of addressing its audience.

Catering for all users, from Ios, Android, Apple, to Windows, Gizmodo provides features on everything from cameras, tablets, smart phones, from the very large to the miniscule.

Proving that its creators have a sense of humour, Gizmodo’s ‘WTF’ section shows a roundup of the week’s silliest technology stories, and distinguishing it from its peers.

2GSM Arena 84.8 m (India)

Although exclusively a mobile phone review website, GSM Arena has a significant monthly reach and impact for smart phone technology. While we could argue that a successful website in India, with the second highest population in the world (according to worldometers 2017) would have a larger reach anyway, GSM Arena, with its slick and easy to navigate design, has capitalised on the consumer interest of one of the most important products of 21st century life.

And finally, the number one most influential Tech News platform…

1CNet 222.3 m6a00d83451b1af69e2010534993db6970b-600wi

At over 220 million monthly visitors, CNet is categorically the worlds most visited and popular technology review website, and therefore our firm choice for the most influential technology website on the internet.

Founded in 1994 by Halsey Minor and Shelby Bonnie, it was the flagship brand of CNET Networks and became a brand of CBS Interactive through CNET Networks’ acquisition in 2008. delivers a wide range of news, put together by extremely well-informed writers on new tech, developments on the internet, social media, computing, smart phones, photography, security, tech culture, to name but a few.

With the potential exposure, having your product featured on CNet can accelerate the sales or commercial development, making the difference between your product doing well and being extremely successful. For this reason CNet towers above its competitors, and is our number one slot for influence.