Global success for photonics campaign

Posted on Aug 31, 2016

Global success for photonics campaign

A Matter PR campaign to promote photonics technologies to end-user industries through the international and trade media has achieved global success reaching over 26.8 million people so far.

Matter PR have successfully delivered the first sixth months of an ongoing campaign on behalf of the European platform Photonics21. The campaign has focused on promoting a range of high-impact projects funded through the Photonics Public Private Partnership.

So far, the campaign has resulted in over 260 articles in newspapers, magazines, and websites in more than 25 countries, representing an advertising value totaling approximately €3 million.

Highlights have included coverage in The Times, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, BBC News, MSN, as well as major national and international titles in Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, France, China, Japan, and the USA.

With a readership of over 26.8 million people so far, Matter PR has helped applied research groups across Europe promote the value and potential uses of photonics (the emission, manipulation and detection of light) as well as raising awareness with the public and policy-makers in governments across the world.

There have also been some direct commercial impacts from the campaign already, with a number of the Horizon2020 Photonics PPP projects receiving commercial application requests and developing new business partnerships as a result.

One success was a story about using inspiration from nature to create a new anti-bacterial, dirt-repellant metal. Media around the world hailed this as a possible way of making a “self-cleaning saucepan”. The Tresclean project team have been inundated with enquiries about potential business opportunities and R&D collaborations with major industrial manufacturers in the food and drink industry.

The campaign has involved creating original and engaging content and developing strong relationships with the media, especially in key target sectors such as aerospace, manufacturing, defence, healthcare, and security.

David Reid, Founding Director of Matter PR said:

“The Photonics Public Private Partnership chose Matter PR, one of the only communications agencies specializing in science, technology, and engineering, for its experience in targeting general news and industry sector media. We are demonstrating how photonics can be applied to wide variety of industrial sectors as well as showing its importance to our everyday lives.”

Europe is a global leader in light-related research and with the production of European photonics alone accounting for €60 billion and employing over 350,000 people directly.

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Highlights of coverage achieved so far:

International Media

Daily Mail – Is this the End of Washing Up?

The Telegraph – Say Goodbye to Washing Dishes

The Times – Mamma Mia! The Italian pan that cleans itself

MSN – Scientists Create Self-Cleaning Metal

Independent Online- At Last, a Self-Cleaning Pan

Yahoo – If You Hate Washing Pans, You’ll Love This News

RT – ¿No lavaremos más los platos?: El invento que puede cambiar nuestra vida cotidiana

Centro Metro Italiano – Clamorosa invenzione italiana: ecco il primo materiale antibatterico e autopulente

Het Laaste Nieuws – Nooit meer afwassen? Dat kan dankzij zelfreinigende pannen

TKM – NO VAS A LAVAR MÁS LOS PLATOS: llegó el invento del siglo

El Ciudadano – Ingenieros crean Nuevo material metalico completamente repelente-a-liquidos-y-bacterias1/

Pop Mech RU – Изобретен самомоющийся металл

Firenze Post – Salute: Laser e ultrasuoni per lo screening dei noduli alla tiroide. Nasce il progetto Luca


Industry Sector Media

Dermatology Times  – Light-listening Device could transform skin disease detection

Good Housekeeping – Self-Cleaning Pans are in your Future

Delish  – Self-Cleaning Pans are going to be a Thing… Someday

New Equipment Digest – Lotus Leaf Inspires Anti-Microbial Metal

The Engineer – European Breakthrough has Potential for Self-Cleaning Sheet Metal  – Lotus Leaf Inspires Scientists to Create World’s First Self-Cleaning Metal

Medical News Today – Listening to Light to Transform Diagnosis of Skin Cancer

Retina Magazine – Coin-sized scanner to target blindness

Medical Design Technology – Listening to Light to Transform Diagnosis of Skin Cancer

Modern Aesthetics – OCT Chip to Target Blindness

EU Health News – New Photonics Technique to Eliminate Unnecessary Thyroid Cancer Surgery

News-Medical – New Portable Device with Hand-Held Probe Could Help Reduce Thyroid Cancer Surgery