Celebrating Britain’s greatest river

Posted on Sep 5, 2013

Celebrating Britain’s greatest river

Matter PR will help to carry a bottle of Thames water from its source in Gloucestershire all the way to the sea as part of a river relay for a national festival celebrating the River Thames.

Running from 6-15th September, The Mayor’s Thames Festival is a 10-day celebration of London’s iconic river through art, music, and educational events both on the water and along its banks and bridges.

Taken from the source of the River Thames in the Gloucestershire countryside, a small bottle of Thames water will be passed down from person to person, boat to boat, travelling all the way through to central London and out to sea making this, the first River Thames Relay.

Our MD, David Reid, will be part of a crew from City of Oxford Rowing Club who will help carry the water from Abingdon Lock to Benson Lock on Friday 6th September – a journey of around 11 miles.

Walkers, swimmers, kayakers, rowers, sailors and many more river users will help the bottle on its journey over 200 miles down the world-famous river. The bottle will arrive at Tower Bridge on Sunday 15 September and spend the last night of its journey on Gloriana in St Katharine Docks before sailing out of London towards the sea in the Dunkirk Little Ship, MTB 102.  At the end of its journey the bottle will join the collection in the Museum of Water and tour the UK in 2013/14 and worldwide in 2015.

Each day’s journey will take place between 9am and 6pm with handovers at locks or at the end of the day’s journey.  Each Lock-keeper on the journey will ensure the safe passage of the bottle from one side of each lock to the other and, when the day’s journey is over, will keep the bottle in safe surroundings overnight until the journey begins again the next day.

If you love the River Thames as much as us, make a donation.