New app shows how science fuels growth

Posted on Mar 26, 2013

New app shows how science fuels growth

Growth Stories, a new app for iPad and iPhone was launched this week by EPSRC to showcase the many ways science and engineering contribute to growth – economic growth, growth in new technologies and skills, and how research helps create jobs and wellbeing.

With a new story added each week, Growth Stories will feature 50 stories about EPSRC-funded science and how it helps generate growth – from low-cost solar power for the developing world to new medical technologies.

The Growth Stories project was created and led by Matter PR’s Managing Director David Reid, who was head of communications and engagement at EPSRC until December 2012, as part of a campaign to highlight the importance of science to the UK government.


The app is built like a photographic picture-book which lets you flick through stories and select images of interest in different sectors. The project was a creative partnership between EPSRC, leading developer Matt Aranha, and cross-media agency To The Point.

David Reid said: “As part of our Growth Campaign, we were looking for new ways to show the importance of science at a time when growth is the number one priority for the UK government. We noticed that Ministers and senior advisers are always using their iPads and iPhones and so developed a tool that delivers powerful case studies about science that they could easily use and share with others during meetings or at events. With entertaining stories and powerful images, any member of the public interested in science would love it too.”


You can download it from iTunes here or see the online microsite for all the latest stories. New case studies will be added every month during 2013/14.